Joining AMAL Career Fellowship was one of my best needs and when I got chosen, it felt me like a entirety modern wander is reaching to start. Any person can’t think almost things until it happens. The initial week of AMAL was based on self- discovery. Helping us to reflect on our lives and encounters to assist us determine our objectives and yearnings. Knowing yourself is the essential thing whether you’re going for an scholastic career or an entrepreneurial career. It’ll assist you in distinguishing and selecting the proper way for your future. Here the journey begins. That initial week was very distinctive from other online courses and there were a few questions in my intellect whereas joining this program and numerous of the questions got replied by our facilitators. Our to begin with interaction was with our facilitators and they were truly noteworthy. The way they overseen all the stuff with respect to zoom and the session was astonishing. We had got our circle for the PW talk for the first time and there were exceptional enthusiasm and interaction between all the members and we all get along really well and vibe together till the date. I have learned a lot from my circle members as well. We have had productive discussions about various topics related to personal and professional life.

My AMAL Journey: Finally 3 months comes to a conclusion. This journey was eccentric for each one of us. This fellowship is totally online yet I have learned a lot. In the beginning. After each session we left with a question and a new aspect to think about. Sir Hamza and Ma’am Huda both are amazing. In each session they have full vitality and diversity of mindsets. They continuously deliver right and conjointly gives a counsel. I’ve gained a lot from AMAL.

Well I’m really out of words and I don’t know from where and how I ought to begin it since its inconceivable for me to portray this 3 month’s journey in few words. Curiosity approximately AMAL? I never knew what AMAL fellowship is until I heard about it from a mutual friend and I was continuously inquisitive almost AMAL Career Prep-fellowship and I have made my mind that I need to connect at whatever point I got the opportunity. The best time of 3 months I have ever went through this fellowship was the one of best choice of my life and I can never jot down those feelings. I never said this some time recently like I was so interested for AMAL. When I got the mail that I was shortlisted and got selected for AMAL, I was over the moon since I needed this fellowship really bad. I found my lost skills via AMAL.

I’ll miss AMAL and the memories it provided me to cherish for the rest of my life.